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The musings of a .NET developer.


Over on the Wyam Gitter Jamie Phillips (@phillipsj) made a casual remark about using my PowerShell script I use in this blog's source for creating new blog posts, and how he was trying to modify it for draft usage. That blossomed into a whole new project under the Wyamio organization called PoshWyam that I've been hacking at for a few days now. It's in preliminary (read “alpha”, not even "beta") state right now, but it is ready enough for people to use and provide feedback. Once we are ready this will go up on PowerShell Gallery, but until then if you want to use it you'll need to clone the repo.

Playing With Equality

Most developers think they understand equality, but it's actually a pretty tricky subject. Implementing equality correctly is much more complicated than most realize. In this post I'm going to play around with equality, showing you some things you may not be aware of, and eventually show you an interesting trick you can use when implementing equality.

Emoji Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet was compiled from the source for Markdig. A couple of shortcuts use the \ character, which doesn't always work well with the rest of Markdown, and may require a trailing space. One shortcut, </3, breaks my Markdown pipetable in the source and I had to use the alternate :broken_heart: shortcut for the visual display here. This shortcut works in other places, but interfered with the pipetable here, which I cannot explain.