Welcome Back

Published on Monday, December 26, 2016

Hi again. Or hi for the first time if you're new.

My old Digital Tapestry blog died. I was using Orchard which is a fine .NET based CMS and hosting on a provider that I paid for by the year. I was happy with that for some time. Then, I screwed up. I got busy, and failed to maintain everything. Orchard development kept on going, while my little site sat dormant. When I finally got the time to get back to it, I screwed something up trying to update the codebase. The site mostly still worked, but certain key things, like the ability to export the content, no longer worked. Still being busy, I figured I'd fix that in the future and posted one or two more articles and went dark again. Way too much time passed and the bill for my provider came due. Honestly, I was posting so infrequently at this point that I found it hard to justify the cost, so I figured I'd just migrate off to something less expensive. Well, remember I said I'd screwed up export? Long story short, I screwed up and lost the entire site. Some of it is in the Internet Archive, so I may recreate some of the better articles manually in the future, but mostly, it's all gone. My bad.

Fast forward. I've had some life changes, including a new job. It's time to start blogging again. This time I decided I'd go with something a bit “safer” and a lot less expensive (as in, free). I'm using GitHub Pages for hosting. Normally you'd use Jekyll there, but honestly, Jekyll on Windows isn't great and the restiction on using plugins on Pages combined to make me consider something else. As a .NET developer, a .NET based static site generator sounded like the way to go. There's a few out there, but I settled on Wyam. The author, Dave Glick, has been super awesome on Gitter, helping me to get over a few misunderstandings and fixing a few bugs I found in extremely short order. I'm confident I've chosen the right tool.

Please bear with me for a while as I get this site up and running proper. Right now it's entirely based on the built-in Wyam Blog recipe and CleanBlog theme. I'll customize it slowly over time. Of particular note is that currently there's no comments. I'll add Disqus comments as soon as I can, but time is limited still, so it may take a few days or more.

As before, I plan to mostly blog about .NET development topics. I will also blog a bit about this site and using Wyam. I'm working on a tutorial to make it a little easier of others to get up and going with Wyam on GitHub Pages, and as I make modifications here I'll likely blog about them as well.

Here's to what I hope is a bright rebirth of this blog.

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