William E. Kempf

Advisory Software Engineer

19252 Roudebush Blvd.
Noblesville, IN 46060
(317) 258-8225


William E. Kempf is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. He's looking for a senior development position working with modern technologies and methodologies.


  • UI Development
    Strong user interface development skills applied to desktop, mobile and web using numerous technologies.
  • UX Design
    Strong user experience design experience.
  • Software Development
    Proven software development skills using numerous programming languages.
  • Unit Testing
    Extensive experience writing and maintaining unit tests.


  • Programming Languages
    C#, C++, C, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Java
  • Web Technologies
    CSS, HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, REST
  • VCS
    Git, TFS, SVN, CVS, ClearCase, PVCS
  • Other

Professional Experience

RightRez, Inc.
Senior Advisory Engineer

Worked on the RightRez suite of products which booked, priced and sold airline tickets. Interfaced with GDS systems, wrote and maintained the web site and web services.

Vision Solutions
Advisory Software Engineer

Worked on the Double-Take suite of products which performed realtime data replication services. Developed user interfaces using XUL (Mozilla), MFC and WPF. Designed the frameworks used by both the XUL and WPF based products. Worked on the replication engine, written in C++. Worked on the Management Service backend, written in C# using WCF. Developed the REST APIs intended to replace the WCF interfaces. Wrote a prototype mobile interface demoed to Microsoft. Wrote and maintained unit tests. Created design documents.

First Data Resources
Senior Software Developer

Worked on the Fraud Detection Work Center (FDWC) product, written in C++ using MFC. Worked on the Java UI framework, creating custom UI controls. Developed a ticketing system for tracking issues using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX. Maintained a customer service web application written for First USA using Java, JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Lauhoff Grain Company
Technical Manager

In charge of all IT infrastructure. Wrote and maintained various database applications used to track inventory and business processes. Developed the EDI system used to track bills of lading.


  • Doane College
    Crete NE
    BS in Computer Science / Math
  • Kenesaw Public School
    Kenesaw NE
    High School Diploma

Other Experience

  • Boost.Threads
    William Kempf was the original author of the Boost.Threads library, part of Boost. Presented Boost.Threads to the C++ Standards Committee for consideration on inclusion in the standard. Moderated some of the mailing lists and participated in most discussions.

  • WPF Disciples
    Participated in the mailing list discussions, mostly surrounding the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. Provided community support and guidance on WPF development.

  • Onyx
    Wrote the Onyx WPF M-V-VM library.

  • Specifity
    Wrote the Specificity .NET unit testing library.

  • Testify
    Wrote the Testify .NET unit testing library, the successor to Specificity.


William E. Kempf – – (317) 825-2558